The 1861 Project - Volume 2 

                From the Famine to The Front

The second volume in the acclaimed series is nearing completion - with another all-star cast of songwriters and performers that includes Jerry Douglas, Maura O'Connell, Peter Cooper, Stephen Maguire, David Olney,  Jim Rooney, Irene Kelley, Sierra Hull,  and many others.  Pre-order a copy today! 

 The American Wake  

Volume 2 begins with "The American Wake" - a heart-rending reflection of the night before Irish immigrants took to the sea when friends and family gathered, knowing they would never see each other again.

©2012 Thomm Jutz (ThommSongs/SESAC, admin. Bluewater Music), Peter Cronin (Samoline Music/SESAC, admin. Bluewater Music), John Hadley (Hadley Six Music/BMI, admin. Sony/ATV/Tree BMI), Liam Merriman (IMRO/MCPS)

Featuring vocals by Maura O'Connell and dobro and lap steel guitar by Jerry Douglas. 

A New Collection of Musical Stories about the Irish Experience of the US Civil War

Generations of Irish immigrants played an integral role in the American Civl War, often drafted into the Union army right off the famine ships.

Some of the new arrivals were offered citizenship and immediately conscripted. Others volunteered to join up, some to prove that they were worthy citizens and others because they believed in the American ideal of liberty for all. Still others enlisted to gain the military experience they would need to free their home country from the British after the American war was over. The Southern planters reminded them of the hated aristocrats and land owners in Ireland.

On the Southern side were Scots/Irish immigrants who had come to the US in the early 18th century and carved out a living for themselves on the Western side of the Appalachian mountains. They had no use for a centralized government in Washington which reminded them of the British rule in Ireland. Others, like Cleburne, fled the potato famine and wanted nothing more than to blend in wherever they lived, in his case Arkansas.

As a result, the American conflict of brother against brother turned into a war of Irish against Irish in one of the many brutal ironies of history.

There are so many compelling stories here, all brought to vivid life in the songs of The 1861 Project, Volume 2. 


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The Lyrics 

The American Wake 

©2012 Thomm Jutz/Peter Cronin/John Hadley/Liam Merriman

this is the day of the american wake
and we are here to say goodbye
your time has come your ship will sail at daybreak
this is a celebration dry your eyes
a celebration dry your eyes

let's raise a glass, let's raise our voices in song
and we'll remember days gone by
a tear a smile for the emerald isle
forever's gonna be a long long while
gone forever is a long long while

so here's to your new life
heaven knows the chances you'll be taking
morning soon to come
but as the night goes on my heart is breaking

a young man has to go
someplace where there's more to life than sorrow
leave all of this behind
and go and put your faith into tomorrow

this is the day of the american wake
and we are here to say goodbye
your time has come your ship will sail at daybreak
this is a celebration dry your eyes
a celebration dry your eyes

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                 In the studio with Jerry & Maura 

Jerry Douglas and Maura O'Connell came to 1861 Project producer Thomm Jutz studion in June, 2012, to record vocals and dobro parts for "The American Wake."  Also pictured: bassist Mark Fain, co-writer Peter Cronin, and multi-instrumentalist Justin Moses. 

           Photography from "The 1861 Project"


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